Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is Monavie for Everyone?

Before you jump into just anything you need to consider some things. This not only applies for Monavie, but for everything in life. Just because something is there it doesn't mean that it is for you. You might have a skill to do one thing, but lack in an area to do another thing.

For example an internet marketer cannot give operations for your heart. Or a mechanic try to fix your teeth, things like that just don't work.

Here are some things to consider for monavie:

To keep working even when you don't immediately see results

Good people Skills
Do you work well with people, can you relate to them on a personal level.

Focused attention
Know what you want and go for it. Don't begin to focus other places when not necessary

Have a strategy, this is key to success.

These are some of the basics that will help your monavie business grow.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Important Monavie Terms

If you in the monavie business, you will hear certain words spoken that you might not fully understand. This is not your fault since many organizations have there special lingo. This is team. Something that unites us together. Here are a couple of things to help you through your monavie business.

Volume: PV is personal volume and GV is group volume. Volume refers to the points assigned to products. One case of monavie has 100 points.

Active: You need to be an active distributor to be earning commissions. You become or remain active by buying 100PV every four weeks.

Qualified: Only qualified distributors earn money. This is done by having one sponsored and active in both your legs.

Organization: This is referred to everyone in your down line.

Personal Enrollment Tree: This is referred to those who you have personally sponsored into your monavie business.

Business Center: The place where you are in the organization.

If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be. (Anonymous)