Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Essential Keys on Building a Monavie Business

One thing we have to realize is that selling Monavie is that its not easy. Selling anything in general is not easy. It takes hard work, a certain amount of talent and perseverance. I've got some points that may help you on your quest to healthy riches.

Build Strong Network
This might be one of the most important factors in selling. Network marketing. Knowing people is so crucial to success today, everything we do we need people for. Without people who would we network. Notice how I say strong network, there is two kinds of strong network.

  1. Numbers- Get as many people in your network as you possibly can. Obviously not everyone is going to be successful as you would like, therefore not making you as much. Let's say you bring 100 people and only 40 decide to start selling. Of those 40, only 3o actually do something. And a percentage of that only benefit your personal business.
    Thus giving maybe 10 good business minded people in your network.
  2. Quality-Go straight for the ten I was just talking about. If you know who they are, then you in the perfect place. You will spend a lot less time on this networking method and you will have a stronger network.
Build Trust
It makes absolutely no sense to build up a nice big network, but they don't trust you. They need to believe in what you telling them. Once you have your network in one business you can always show them other businesses and they will go with you, because they trust in what you selling.
Please do not say to someone that you guarantee they will be earning 1000 bucks a week in the first 2 months. You can not make that kind of commitment. If it doesn't work you lose their trust and possibly they will lose motivation to keep at the business.

Help Your Down line Businesses
If you help others succeed; you will succeed yourself. Folks, it's as simple as that. That is the way this business system is designed to work. With a bit of patience in helping others, you will see results that are in it for the long run.

Allow Room to Learn
Do not be stuck in a mind-rut. Do not be stuck in a mind-rut. Do not be stuck in a mind-rut.
Sorry, but I'm trying to get a point across. See how stubborn we can be. Our way is not the only way. Listen to advice of others, they may have something you can learn from. Just one little point could change your business for the better. Monavie has many good speakers at meetings and conferences, which are very encouraging and beneficial to you.

Aim Small-Miss Small
Yes, you guessed it. It's a quote from the movie Patriot. He tells his sons to aim small at the target and if you miss it, it won't be by much. In other words, have focus. Focus on a something precise that you want. For example: You want a BMW. So aim for a brand new, class A with leather seats that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds. So maybe you don't get all of the features, but your chance of occupying a a new BMW (your original desire) is much higher. Get the point?

Think Big
This goes along with the point above. Don't think small like just wanting a BMW; you might just get a old one. THINK BIG. With the opportunity you have, big is possible. You can want the new house and you can have it. The sky is the limit, so reach for it.

Use Your Talents
Each and every one of us have a talent. Yes, you too. Its up to us to figure out what it is and use it. By using your talents in business, you can be thrust forward at a rapid pace. If you have a talent of speaking, somehow include it into your business to make it grow. Whatever it is, begin to use it, even if your talent is not developed. This is how you develop it.

Try New Things
We all have our ways of doing things, but like I mentioned earlier, it is not the only way. Experiment by trying new things, new ideas or even old ones. It just takes one good idea to breakthrough in your business.

Don't give up
This is probably the worst thing you can do. Don't give up before you see the results,as this is when you waste your time. All that hard work that you put in is now for nothing. Keep going until you get what you want and then all your work will be for something. Patience is key.

Be Yourself
You probably going to start by selling to friends and their is nothing worse than being two faced. Sorry so blunt, but its true. You can't be a big pal when you talking sports and suddenly change to Mr. Monavie. Your friends trust you at that point and not Mv.

So are you ready for business? There's stacks of money out there, just waiting for you to pick up. Go get it.